A local company with international ambitions

We are an engineering and operations consulting company specialised in the industry and in information technology. We have two ambitions: To respond rapidly and in the most effective manner to the needs of our clients, drawing on our wide range of technological and entrepreneurial knowledge; and, to support our consultants in the development of their careers by exposing them to high-added value projects and helping them enrich their skills portfolio.

Above all, we are a human company founded in 2008 in Barcelona. Our 11 years of experience have allowed us to build a solid experience and acquire in-depth knowledge of our market. Ahead Technology is a member of Hiq Consulting Group, a network of specialised agile companies with 5500 professionals in 11 countries across Europe. As a result, we can support our clients anywhere in the world and allow our consultants to gain international experience with synergy at the group level.

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A safe and selective recruitment process

Our recruitment strategy is based on our desire to establish long-term relationships. It makes us proud every day to hire women and men who share our curiosity (about science and technology) and our values. Beyond skills, we are looking for character above all. We seek motivated people who are truly career minded. That is why we recruit consultants for specific projects, but also as part of the team when we are confident in a candidate’s potential.

A business committed to sports and humanitarian aid

Since the founding of Ahead Technology, it has been very important to support local athletes. We have had the opportunity to sponsor numerous windsurfing, kitesurf, padel and tennis champions and be with them at their big events. We are also involved in several humanitarian projects, for example in Uganda.